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CSMDP Discovery GreenPhotograph by Jesus Navarro


  • September 5, 2014 | Rudyard's Pub | 8:00pm
  • with the Invincible Czars
    2010 Waugh Dr. - Houston, Texas

  • September 6, 2014 | Galveston Locals Party
  • with the Invincible Czars


    Sibling Revelry: Houston's Bands of Brothers and Sisters
    By: Jesse Sendejas Jr. | Houston Press Blogs | 9/11/13

    The Mejias and Martinezes, Come See My Dead Person

    Michael Mejia says there is one foolproof way to know whether his band, Come See My Dead Person, is doing the right thing.

    "Having a sibling in it with me keeps things fresh," he says. "We always say we were lucky to have each other growing up because we had someone to tell us if what we were doing was stupid or not."

    Mejia and his brother, Matthew, share guitar duties and vocals in this Galveston-based band, which is made up of not one but two sets of siblings..

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    Houston Makes Great Strides in Selling Its Own Music Scene
    By: Chris Gray | Houston Press Blogs | 3/1/13

    CA few months ago, Rocks Off wrote an article expressing our surprise and disappointment at the paucity of musical content on the City of Houston's tourism site, visithoustontexas.com, the Texas-friendly smiling face it officially presents to the Web and thus the world. There wasn't much at all, just a few live-music listings buried in the bowels of the site.

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    Come See My Dead Person LP Whistles Past the Boneyard
    By: Jef With One F | Houston Press Blogs | 12/14/12

    Come See My Dead Person is one of those bands people have constantly tried to get me into over the years, but the time never seemed right. Well, the release of their new self-titled album should be a good enough place to begin, I thought, and I'm very glad I did.

    The sound is a mix of pretty much every single genre that has a set of nuts.

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    Craig Hlavaty's 10 Best Houston Albums of 2012
    By: Craig Hlavaty | Houston Press Blogs | 12/13/12

    Come See My Dead Person, Come See My Dead Person
    This was a late-comer this year, releasing just a few weeks back. The gypsy-folk-rock-bleeders' self-titled album was heralded by lead single "John Doe," a grim and grimy bounce through the graveyard or the killing floor of a slaughterhouse.

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    Not just another John Doe Band: Come See My Dead Person
    By: William Michael Smith | Houston Night Life | 12/08/12

    Come See My Dead Person is an odd name for a large and somewhat amorphous musical collective that makes ethereal gypsy folk-rock music (emphasis on gypsy and rock). And while we quite like the band in all its forms, sometimes an acoustic five piece, sometimes a huge electric collection of stringed instruments and people, we still have to wonder just how stoned or drunk were they the night the light bulb came on and they decided to name themselves Come See My Dead Person.

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    Come See My Dead Person is an eclectic blend of multi-cultural music unbound by any one genre. Fusing a multitude of styles from folk, rock, bluegrass, gypsy, and jazz, to polka, punk, country, latin, and soul, CSMDP provides a little something for everyone and a whole lot in between.

    Where you find Come See My Dead Person you are sure to find a frenzied crowd dancing and laughing uncontrollably (at whom we're still not sure). If you like fun that doesn't cause a murder then we are for you (if you like fun that *does* cause a murder, just let us know on the down-low; see, I know this guy...). We've recently stumbled upon a growing interest in our sound and despite our best efforts people keep coming back for more. Like it or not, it seems the world may very well be ready for Come See My Dead Person...


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    Our new album is available on CD at Heights Vinyl and Cactus Records or at any of our shows, but if you don't want to wait you can now download it on iTunes or Google Play. The below links will go directly to it.

    iTunes    Google Play

    of "John Doe" from our new album.

    Rat Song
    End of All
    Sunday Morning Dreaded Day
    Nothing Means Everything
    Mr. Rickety Bones
    Download the entire 5 song demo in .mp3 format.



    A video for "Another Goodbye" created by our friends at In The Night Productions.

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    • Mike Mejia - Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
    • Matt Mejia - Electric Guitar, Vocals
    • Roy Martinez - Electric Guitar
    • Sean Martinez - Drums
    • Jodi Martinez - Vocals
    • Ray Herod - Bass Guitar
    • Martin Johanson - Mandolin
    • Brian Green - Banjo
    • Jerry Ochoa - Violin


    Our 5 song Free demo CD is still available for download above.

    Our first album self titled "Come See My Dead Person" is now available.

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